Teen recall notice…

Here is a short list of know problems with teenagers that have been recalled. Please read and find out if your teen has any of these problems and fix as needed.

1. If you teen emits noxious gas, be very careful, this could be cured by changing the type of fuel consumed, but occasionally it best to take it to the professional to ensure the proper catalytic converter is installed.

2. The girlfriend/boyfriend chip has been know to be overloaded with excess amount of hormones, the motherboard often shuts down and the chip takes over, leading to make more erroneous choices. The chip needs to be removed immediately.

3. Random debris follows teen in every room that they are parked. The cleanliness chip has shut down and must be replaced immediately.

4. Excessive Text overload, this may be a stealthy problem, but normally it found out when monthly cell phone bill is opened. Removal of phone attachment will temporarily solve this problem, long term solution unlimited texting plan.

5. Attitude Chip has been know to be corrupted by Crappy virus, if this has happened, restrict teen to room to make sure the Crappy virus is not spread to others, take in for reprogramming as soon as possible.

6. Judgment Chip has been know to be altered by contamination of peer pressure, alcohol, drugs or general stupidity. Remove contamination and hope that permanent damage has not been done. If needed shut down and wait for professional help.

These 6  recalls are the only ones to our knowledge at this time, will post future notices as warrented.

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10 Favorite Words

I was in the Air Force for many years, I’m sure that had an a bit to do with my favorite words.

These are not necessary in the order of importance.

1) Intergrity

2) Compromise

3) Trusting

4) Humble

5) Fantabulous – Not really a word, but man does describe something really wonderful.

6) Responsiblity

7) Live

8 ) Laugh

9) Love

10) Nonjudgemental

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Don’t get me wrong, I love living out in the country. My dogs have the freedom to run until the cows come home. Since, I don’t have cows, that is a very long long time.

That being said, I want to know why that when I find out that I need something that it is ALWAYS after the store closes.

6 PM The store in town closes

6:05 Son notifies you that we are now out of milk.

Next closest store is 10 miles away.I normally make them go with out for the night, but sometimes I have to make the milk run, because my oldest will have a melt down if he doesn’t have the right kind of milk.


My oldest son calls “Mom, Ace needs medicine”

I look at my watch, it’s 7PM on a Sunday. Now, not even the town next door has dog medicine. So off I go to the big city that is a 30 minute drive away. Okay, I was secretly craving chocolate ice cream, so I went. To Wallyworld I go, to get dewormer. Stop by Dairy Queen to get ice cream, they are out of chocolate. “Are you friggin serious??” So reluctantly I order vanilla. Big mistake, it was almost as if they went to the bakery and go the whipped frosting to fill my ice cream cone. GAG!

If only I lived in the big city, then I would have only had to drive 5 minutes to the store and been able to get good ice cream, like at Cold Stone Creamery.

I am going to go get my right hand removed on Thursday, I think good ice cream is in order. YAY

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It’s been awhile

NO! I didn’t forget about you all! I’ve just been busy with life in general. I mean come on when you are unemployed, how can I possibly spare any time to blog. HAHA!

I went to Alaska to visit my sister and help out with her 5 kids. That was quite the eye opener. I have 2 teenage boys, they pretty much keep to themselves. They alway have. I was thrust in the middle of 4 girls and a very active toddler boy. The wanted my attention 24-7 and the drama, OMG the drama. I don’t do well with drama at all. On an up note, I did get to see the beautiful scenery, and sit in the hot tub viewing the scenery. How cool is that??

While I was up there, a good friend of mine called. We talked, and I was inspired. I am going back to school. Physical Therapy is my calling. A job, where you can cause pain upon people has to be the best ever!! Especially when you get mad at them, you can push them just beyond their pain threashold, I am so amped!

I’m going to be a college girl. Can you imagine? College boys beware!! School starts in Aug, I have not even got register for classes yet, or even gotten my books. I am nervous yet excited.

See you soon. I promise.

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