It’s been awhile

NO! I didn’t forget about you all! I’ve just been busy with life in general. I mean come on when you are unemployed, how can I possibly spare any time to blog. HAHA!

I went to Alaska to visit my sister and help out with her 5 kids. That was quite the eye opener. I have 2 teenage boys, they pretty much keep to themselves. They alway have. I was thrust in the middle of 4 girls and a very active toddler boy. The wanted my attention 24-7 and the drama, OMG the drama. I don’t do well with drama at all. On an up note, I did get to see the beautiful scenery, and sit in the hot tub viewing the scenery. How cool is that??

While I was up there, a good friend of mine called. We talked, and I was inspired. I am going back to school. Physical Therapy is my calling. A job, where you can cause pain upon people has to be the best ever!! Especially when you get mad at them, you can push them just beyond their pain threashold, I am so amped!

I’m going to be a college girl. Can you imagine? College boys beware!! School starts in Aug, I have not even got register for classes yet, or even gotten my books. I am nervous yet excited.

See you soon. I promise.

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  1. Good for you Deb, I am sure you will do well and I think you might even like going to school. I finished my Masters last year and am glad I did. College is a great experience that I believe is more rewarding when you have time to focus on it like before or after a career and not during. I hope you will be using the New GI bill benefits!

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