School Daze…

As summer comes to an end, many are relieved to know fall is coming soon. Schools have already opened their doors to let our future in. My youngest son has now started his senior year. My oldest will be starting a community college soon as well.  I can’t believe in just a few months all my children will have completed high school.

knock on wood

In just a week, I am turning in my working girl card for a backpack, books and a school ID. Yes, I am going back to school. I will be a college girl.

However I do have my fears, will I be the oldest one there?  Will most of the students be young enough to be my children? What do I wear? I know me in a school girl skirt, a button up shirt with a sweater tied around my waist will not be age appropriate.

I’m not sure if I was signed up for weightlifting, but apparently that is a prerequisite to attend college . I didn’t read the fine print. There is a two man lift policy on all the books that you will need. I will be a pretty buff babe by the time I graduate.

One of my first classes is Anatomy, it has two parts to it, lecture and lab. I am curious about the lab portion of it. Do we get to pick our own partner? Please let it be a handsome young man, oh please oh please. My worst fear would be a dead one that we have to dissect, I couldn’t even handle doing that to an earthworm in Sophomore Biology.

This will all be an adventure, I can just feel it. Hopefully it will not be one that causes Night Terrors.

Stay tuned for more adventures of  Sadie Mae

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Internet, oh Internet, where art thou Internet

I just don’t know what I have done to upset you so, to leave without saying a word.

So our relationship is a bit unhealthy, we all have our quirks. I can’t help but stalk you while you are away, following you to coffeehouse and cafes, but you are so funny and irresistible. I could sit and talk with you for hours.

No, I don’t have a problem. There is no need for an intervention. I don’t need clean dishes, we have paper plates. The laundry in my hamper is just barely dirty, I can get by for while longer. There is really no need to pick things up strewn about, I just step over them and call it exercise. Its called Step Aerobics!

What? You aren’t coming back??

Fine, I see you are trying to play tough love here. You hear that? Its the sound of the dishwasher. Yup, you can’t bully me. Al right, al right, ALRIGHT! The washing machine is running now. Anything else you want while I’m up? YOU WANT MORE?

I just can’t take anymore of your demands, I am running away with your baby brother, Mobile Network.

Waiting for your apology,

Sadie Mae

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