Spring is one of my favorite season, there is nothing like the smell of spring. All the bulbs coming up, the fresh green grass and new calves running and jumping without a care in the world. Take that Jack Frost! Go to bed! However, Mother Nature does have her cruel pranks she likes to pull, like the awakening of the ticks.

Yep these nasty critters hide in the grass. I do take some precaution for the dogs by making them wear full body condoms putting Frontline on their necks. It’s like a magic force field. Ticks won’t bite them. No really it works awesome. However, the tick will take a ride on the dogs. In fact I’m pretty sure there is several tiny bus stops that the dog go and pick them up. Ding ding, next stop the house.  Oh yeah, they come in and next thing you know I have ticks on me. Really. There is something really wrong when you find a tick down there and you know you have not been rolling around the the grass having fun. Now we have a tick check station coming in the house, something simular to a search at prision, minus the full body cavity thing, cuz that would just be gross. However bathtime is pretty good at rinsing these little suckers off too.

Another thing about the lovely spring weather is the rain. Oh lovely rain. Doesn’t matter to me, I’ll just stay inside. However the dogs, manage to find every mud hole within a mile radius. Oh hell, they even find them in drought season too. Most of the time I can get away with an undercarriage wash, you know feet and belly. Not tonight.  Evidently they knew I was practicing my best slothing skills, at 8 PM I was still in my pajamas from the night before. It was awesome! So here I am washing 3 dogs, at 8 PM, in my pajamas. Stupid dogs. It wasn’t like I had chihuahuas or another I have a total of 200 lbs of dogs here, not a small task. They are not happy about this at all. I managed to get them in the bath. Shit, out of dog shampoo. Think….what about mine? I mean, it’s not going to be a regular occurance. Read the label, hmmm….doesn’t say it wasn’t tested on animals, so I guess it was, so as long as I don’t get it in their eyes, they will be okay. I’ll let you know if they go bald or anything. Bath is done. Phew! Drying them off. Mandy seems to think that while I am occupied, she will do me a favor. Like giving me a bath. I can almost hear what she was thinking. “Oh, you are a dirty girl, you need a bath. Hold still. Quit fighting it Bitch”. Ace on the other hand was clearly overworked and need a long drink when he was finished. Headed straight of the great porcilian water fountain.

When I’m finally through, I go to my favorite slothing spot, my bed. Someone clearly had been pissed. They layed right in my spot.

Their thoughts?

“HAHA! You have to sleep in the wet spot, Bitch”

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